People for PSEO Talk Post-Secondary Education in 2018

People for PSEO Executive Director Zeke Jackson joined fellow PSEO students Andrea and Joshua to talk about what the opportunity to earn post-secondary credits while in high school means to them. In between songs, they touched on advanced workloads, juggling schedules, integrating with college students and looking at earning degrees and being well-positioned for internships. People for PSEO President Aaliyah Hodge brought the questions and advocacy, as the guests on today's Wave Project episode believe it's vital to keep college credit options available to high school students.

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People for PSEO Talk about Dual Credit and pseo myths

People for PSEO came in to the Studio for this episode of the Wave Project. Join Aaliyah, Josh and Zeke for conversation about post-secondary and dual credit options for high school students, in between fun song sets.