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The mission of People for PSEO is to work with families, students, education institutions and law makers to inform, promote, defend and expand opportunities for Minnesota students via the Postsecondary Enrollment Options (“PSEO”) Program through speaking, writing, conferences, social media and other functions. People for PSEO envisions that all Minnesota 9th-12th grade families will know about and be able to make an informed decision about participating in the Postsecondary Enrollment Options program. Furthermore, People for PSEO believes that transportation costs, access to academic technology, and other potential barriers should not be the deciding factor in whether or not a student enrolls in the Post Secondary Enrollment Options Program.

1. Promote the PSEO program among families, students, educators, policy-makers, business people, advocacy groups and other community members and the general public through speaking, writing, conferences, social media and other functions.

2. Encourage the support, refinement, expansion, evaluation and improvement of PSEO by providing information to legislators and other policy-makers.

3. Promote great equity and access to PSEO for students throughout Minnesota.

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Impact on your Future

Considerable research shows that PSEO and other programs allowing high school students to earn college credit are important opportunities for Minnesota students. Concurrent enrollment helps to effectively address many of Minnesota’s most critical educational issues: gaps between student groups, high school graduation rates, college entrance rates, remediation rates, college completion rates and college debt loads. 




Million dollars saved in college tuition

Students who have participated in the PSEO program have saved over 71.7 million dollars in college tuition throughout the state of Minnesota.




Since the 2010 school year there has been a leap in participation due to increased outreach and legislative efforts.



Student participation in 2017

In the 2016-2017 school year over seven thousand Minnesota students participated in the PSEO program.


PSEO in the News

Columbia UNIVERSITY 2008

"Findings indicate that dual enrollment can benefit a range of students, and may have the greatest positive impact on those students who are often excluded from participation."

Community College Research Center Teachers College, Columbia University / Read Full Article

Schools Across State Aim to Diversify Advanced Classes, StarTribune / Read Full Article

PSEO: A Way to Save Money and Rise to a Challenge, Morrison County Record / Read Full Article

MN high school students save millions in tuition by taking college-credit courses/ Read Full Article



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