Getting Started: People for PSEO Board and Board Committees

First, let’s learn about your main contacts as a volunteer with People for PSEO.

People for PSEO Leadership:

Zeke Jackson

Zeke Jackson is a freshman at the University of Minnesota. Hailing from Little Falls, Zeke graduated with 57 college credits from the University of Minnesota and is studying Finance, International Business, and Political Science. Zeke is the Executive Director for People for PSEO.


Aaliyah Hodge

Aaliyah, who earned 58 college credits at UMN as a PSEO student, earned her Masters in Social Policy at the age of 21 and currently works for St. Thomas as an Authorizing Program Coordinator. Aaliyah is the President of People for PSEO.


Joshua Mason

Joshua Mason is a senior from Highland Park and a full-time PSEO student from the University of Minnesota. Josh plans to major in Computer Science and Business. Josh is the Student Committee Chair, and current PSEO students who are advocating for PSEO will report to Josh.


People for PSEO Committees:

There are five different Committees in People for PSEO. These committees specialize in a specific role to better delegate tasks and contribute to our organization.

Policy Committee: 

Committee Chair: Zeke Jackson (Executive Director)

Members: Brook LaFloe, Aaliyah Hodge, Dayton Westra, Jonah Martinez, Tracy Quarnstrom

The Policy Committee is responsible for researching, understanding, and reporting to the Board on matters regarding current and new State PSEO legislation. These duties include: online policy research; meeting with state legislators; recommending new PSEO laws for the PPSEO Board to support; and more.

Communications Committee:

Committee Chair: Brook LaFloe (Vice-President)

Members: Bailey Onken, Ruby Shoshan, Aaliyah Hodge

The Communications Committee is responsible for facilitating communications between People for PSEO and other public bodies. These duties include: the creation and dissemination of informational pamphlets, surveys, monthly newsletters, and other materials; the identification of potential partner organizations; press releases; social media management; and more.

Membership Committee:

Committee Chair: Aaliyah Hodge (President)

Members: Heather Starks, Ellie Findell, Joshua Mason

The Membership Committee is responsible for recruiting and managing members of People for PSEO. These duties include: identifying and recruiting members to People for PSEO; managing the People for PSEO volunteer program; facilitating Student Member participation in People for PSEO; and more.

Finance Committee:

Committee Chair: Robert Wedl (Treasurer)

Members: Zeke Jackson, Brook LaFloe, Dayton Westra, Aaliyah Hodge

The Finance Committee is responsible for the management, growth, and balancing of the People for PSEO budget. These duties include: grant-writing; identifying and executing fundraising events and strategies; identifying and courting People for PSEO donors; and more

Student Committee:

Committee Chair: Joshua Mason

The Student Committee is responsible for representing the interests of PSEO students across the state. These duties include: identifying areas of legislative importance for PSEO students; recruiting PSEO college representatives to the Student Committee; assisting other committees with their daily duties; and more.

Now that you know more about the structure of People for PSEO, let’s focus on what you can actually do as a member of People for PSEO and what it means to be a part of our community.

As a member of People for PSEO, you are financially supporting our mission to promote PSEO, to encourage the improvement of PSEO with legislators, and to promote greater equity and access to PSEO for students throughout Minnesota. You will receive monthly newsletters regarding the latest PSEO issues and our latest projects. You’re also invited to attend an annual People for PSEO meeting which is held in November.

Please continue reading to learn more about what you can do to advocate for PSEO.