Student Referral Program

The Student Referral Program allows current student members of People for PSEO to earn money by referring new community members to join People for PSEO.

This program will support both current PSEO students as well as our organization's ability to promote, defend, and expand opportunities for Minnesota students through the PSEO program.

Every time student member get refer new members to join People for PSEO, they will earn 20% of the gained membership dues. For example, if two parents/guardians join People for PSEO (2 x $25), the student member who refers them has earned $10 right off the bat!

Step 1. 

Download and set up the Paypal app from Google Play or the Apple Store. Make sure that the email address associated with your PayPal account is the same email address that is associated with your People for PSEO membership!

Step 2. 

Recruit new members. When a new member signs up at, they will be asked if they were referred by a student. You will not be eligible to receive your referral payment unless they type your full name. 

Step 3. 

Request your payment from PeopleforPSEO via our student referral Payment Request Form!

Step 4. 

Get paid. After processing, you will receive 20% of the money paid by each of the members that you referred to us.

Any questions or concerns? Contact

*Only current student members of People for PSEO are eligible to participate in this service. Not a student member? Join for free at

Student members who are sitting members on our Board of Directors are not eligible to participate in the Student Referral program.