Writing to your newspaper about the PSEO program

One fantastic way you can show support for the PSEO program and your support of People for PSEO is by writing to your local newspaper about your experience with the program (See HERE for some past articles written by PSEO students). 

To write an Opinion Editorial to your local newspaper, first find and contact your county newspaper through this website! You can fill out a general template of your experience in the PSEO program, or you can write your own letter emphasizing a PSEO-related topic that is important to you (for example: how was the transition from high school to college? How did you change your study habits? What questions should students considering PSEO ask themselves?). Whichever you choose, be creative, and show your passion!

Dear XYZ Editor,

My name is NAME and during my JUNIOR (AND OR) SENIOR year at NAME OF HIGH SCHOOL, I enrolled as a FULL-TIME/ PART-TIME PSEO student at PSEO INSITUTION. PSEO is a concurrent enrollment program that enables high schoolers to earn free college credits online or at a college campus. I am on track to graduate high school with NUMBER OF COLLEGE CREDITS college credits and no debt. Students can decide exactly how many PSEO classes they would like to take and can still enjoy all the traditional high school experiences such as band, school dances, academic clubs, and sports. Due to PSEO, I get the opportunity to build and maintain professional relationships at a young age. Additionally, participating in the PSEO program has allowed me to BLANK and BLANK. After graduating from high school I plan on FUTURE PLANS. I would strongly recommend other students to consider participating in PSEO. Those who are interested in participating or learning more about PSEO can contact People for PSEO, a nonprofit advocacy organization, at executive.director@peopleforpseo.orgor visit our website at peopleforpseo.com.

If you are interested in writing a letter, let us know at executive.director@peopleforpseo.org! We can assist you with any questions that you might have or help you contact your local newspaper.